Sunday, February 22, 2009

A final word on FOOD

A final word on the food in Japan. Which has been so so awesome. Great eats, fresh food, and the most stupendously awesome seafood.

Everyday on our way to the train station, we'd walk through a department store food hall. It struck me how the food hall can be found in Asia and Europe, but not the US. Ah, the Americans don't know what they're missing out on! And the Japanese food hall is the best of all... all kinds of fresh food each day, from bento boxes, to custard puffs, to tonkatsus, to bread, to... well, it's endless, really.

On the basis of recommendations, we also checked out some great ramen and tempura places around Tokyo. Here's a pic from Menya Musashi ramen, my favourite of the ones we'd tried.

Even fast food was great - Pepper Lunch had this item on the menu (see pic). Cubes of marbled beef that melt in your mouth. Aaah.

I only had one or two missteps. Mostly cos I would try stuff without knowing what they were. This noodle sandwich was not good.

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carrie said...

I was wondering how your trip went and the update was right here. Nice peekchurs!